» About PaSaMuF

The project goal is to implement a tool for sharing documents over the internet. Unlike Gnutella or Morpheus, the tool is meant to be used by small communities to have a simple and reliable document sharing/management solution that works cross-plattform.

The application will support common file formats like PDF, DOC, XML, etc. The system analyses those document types and extracts meta informations that are usefull for other peers searching for documents.

As we do not want to reinvent the wheel, the system will use many commonly used software products available for free. Those will be a servlet engine, a SQL database as well as a document indexing solution. The application should be as cross-plattform and open as possible. Therefore, the applications middle tier will rely on HTTP and SOAP protocols. This will enable others to easily implement native client applications that take full advantage of the underlying OS. The default user interface is planned to be a household HTML 3.2 compliant browser.

The project will be split in following sub-projects: