Appendix A. Contributing to this document

Lars Trieloff

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Docbook editing guidelines

If you want to contribute to this document, write your part of text as plain-text (bad), html (better) or docbook (best). Then send it to Thomas Wendlandt, who will manage documentation.

If you want to write docbook, and have questions, please see the docbook-editing-guidelines in the next section or write a mail to Lars Trieloff.

Docbook editing guidelines

For reasons of easy inserting into this book, please send only valid docbook chapters, sections, formalparas, prefaces or appendixes. In the case that you are not submitting a formalpara, please add an according chapterinfo, sectioninfo, prefaceinfo or appendixinfo with information about the author this includes your firstname and your surname.

If you are editing a part of the document, someone else has written please set it's revisionflag attribute to “changed”. This makes it easier to find new content.