Chapter 1. Requirements for a “File Sharing Tool Without a Name Yet (FSTWNY)”

Jan Hartmann

Marc Aßmann

Lars Trieloff

Table of Contents

Share files
Search for files
Index the files to be shared
Master-Server , which keeps track of who is online
Reliable Network
Accessible User-Interface


This docbook chapter will perhaps be included in the final FSTWNY documentation. It was initially created by Lars Trieloff to structure his thoughts. The first posting according requirements was posted by Jan Hartmann.

The markup in this chapter orientates among a discussion in the Docbook-Mailinglist by Megan Golding and Michael Smith. You can find this thread at the Docbook mailinglist archives.

The software will be a file sharing tool for small communities up to twenty to thirty persons. It should be specialized on office document formats to support collaborative work.

One feature: remote control of a client is still being discussed.

Other requirements that are still in discussion, can be found in the project's forum.

Each reqirement in this chapter will be a section. The original submittor of the requirement will be marked as author. This has to appear in the sectioninfo. Please do not forget to assign an id to each and every requirement, to make cross-referencing possible.

Share files

Marc Aßmann

The user can specify a folder to share with others. All documents of this folder can be accessed by other peers.